We started our first hair care line in 1989 in response to a need we saw in the hair care industry. We had about 40 hair salons of our own, retailing various national hair care lines, but none in which we thought reached our standards when it came to processing and the quality of ingredients used. So, our baby, as we like to call it, was born, and we haven’t looked back since.  

Our laboratory and research center is based in Houston, Texas. Since our products are boutique and not mass produced, we know every single ingredient that goes into our products and can guarantee the quality of each by the way we process. We use organically grown ingredients, which we make certain are available from renewable sources and process in a manner that retains the potency of our ingredients. And of course, we would never dream of testing on our furry friends.  Cruelty-free is the way to be!

Cureology Beauty was born in 2012 as a cause based brand. Cureology’s focus and mission is to give back and bring greater attention and awareness to various breast cancer charities and foundations. Advocacy begins with each of us, and with each purchase of a Cureology product you are making a donation towards breast cancer screening, research and education.  

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